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Camshaft Honda VF750F 1983-84

Problem med feltryckt reparationshandbok

Problem with servicemanual, data is not correct
I want to share my experience with a manual printed with wrong settings and give the right ones.

Honda rephandbok vf 750

When I repaired my bike and change camshafts, I encountered that the settings according to the manual was inccorect, and
then when I cranked the engine by hand, one valve hit one of the pistons and engine was blocked.

Honda vf 750f

I read over and over again, and had friends at my work that doubble checked me.
I removed the camshafts several times and checked for some faults i the camschaft timing .

Honda vf 750f kamaxel

I prayed and got an answer, an idea!
I mesured and to make a long story shorter, see the drawing below.

Honda kamaxel inställning vf 750

Image A is what the book says to do. (wrong)
This is what is not working! One valve is hitting a piston..

  • Image A step 1 adjust rear camshafts markings to level cylinder head
    when the flywheel is in position 1-3. (observe the rigth 180 degree position first)
  • Step 2 turn flywheel 90 degrees clockwise to position 2-4.
  • Step 3 adjust front camschaft markings to level cylinderhead.

This is working!
I have been driving 2000km by now, engine runs fine, full of power, sometimes I have drived fast and have driven rpm to red with no problem.

  • Image B crank to position1-3 (observere the right 180 position.)
    Adjust front and rear camshafts markings to level cylinder head (when chain is under tension)


Do you have any questions or if this was helpful please send amessage.

Honda vf 750f

Honda vf 750f

Some data:
V4 engine 750cc with 90hp
5-speed gear